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Specialist Insurance covering your home during building works. Including renovations,extensions and JCT Minor works contracts.

Cover will include the change/increase in the value of your property as the building works progess.

Quotes for commercial building works are also available, including all forms of JCT contract.

In order to get a specific quote for your building works please complete the simple form below or request a free callback. For further information on contracts between the property owner and the Building Contractor and the relevant insurance required, please see below.

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Specialist Insurance for Building Works

If you are going to make structural alterations to your property (including extensions etc), you should inform your current Insurance company immediately. They will probably instruct you that you will need to find alternative insurance for your property whilst the building works are being carried out.

You may have been advised by your architect, builder, project manager or solicitor that before getting your building project started you will need to agree terms with your chosen Builder, by way of drawing up a Contract. There are several forms of contract which can be used, such as JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal), the FMB Domestic Building Contract or, in Scotland, the Standard Building Contract from the Scottish Building Contracts Committee.

Part of the building contract may set out rules regarding the insurance of your property, and the ongoing works. It may well mean that as the property owner you will be required to obtain specific insurance to cover your property and the building works for the period of the project.

Our specialist insurance provider is able to offer you a policy designed specifically to your needs. The policy will cover the existing structure of your property, the building works being carried out, including all materials, and your liability as owner. The policy will last for the duration of the building project and can be extended should the works fall behind schedule, as can often happen.


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